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Insulation is an important factor in designing and building in South Florida.

Regional Wall Systems can provide Bat, Rigid, Mineral Wool, Fiol or Spray applications to suite your projects needs.

Regional Wall Systems has been one of the leading providers of light gauge interior and exterior Framing and Drywall technology in South Florida.

Let our professional team assist you on your next project. 

Regional Wall Systems is a leader in the Drywall Industry! With a collective experience of over 40 years and strong Supply Partnerships we have an edge over the competition.


Regional Wall Systems is ready-to-implement solutions for all your Drywall needs. 

Honesty, commitment and quality


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Relationships One Quality Job at a Time!

Why not Bundle!


Regional Wall Systems has you covered. 90% of our contracts include Acoustic Ceilings. You'll thank us for it later.

Inside or out, we provide a complete wall system.


If you need a team of experienced professionals who understand how your project works, we're here to help.



The History of Drywall:


The first Plasterboard was invented in England in 1894. It was created by layering gypsum between multiple layers of Wool Felt Paper.

Between 1910-1930 Gypsum Board evolved into paper faced boards. This provided quick, efficient installation and improved Fire Resistance.

Todays Gypsum Board is highly engineered in a controlled environment. They provide quick, efficient and safe installation of many different types of partitions.